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The company has 362 employees. Our company has 61 administrative staff, 6 financial staff, 9 senior technical staff, 17 management staff, 8 technical designers, 6 other staff, and 255 permanent workers in the exhibition and production workshop, including 197 oil and wood workers, senior There are 26 electricians, 16 metal and organic people, and 16 other people, together to form a technical team with rich experience.
Youlong × F.O.G design centre
项目概览 Project Overview
核心团队 Leadership
Youlong × Shanghai Lidi props
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核心团队 Project Overview
核心团队 Project Overview

Shanghai Lidi Props Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Youlong Jinsheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., is a professional commercial display enterprise integrating R&D design, manufacturing, intelligent logistics, global sales and after-sales service. The company is located in Sheshan Industrial Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai. It has more than 360 employees, including more than 50 design and R&D talents, more than 30 middle and senior management talents, more than 250 industrial employees,

Youlong × Shanghai Liangmu New Materials
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Shanghai Liangmu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Youlong Jinsheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., will fully launch the "Liangmu New Material" brand series of products in 2021. "Liangmu New Materials" 2021 ecological environmental protection series products mainly include: End natural wood veneer, technical wood veneer, special craft wood veneer, various types of UV mixed oil wood veneer, skin-feeling film and other coated decorative panels; various environmental protection, flame retardant, moisture-proof raw materials, medium and high-end plates, metal material, glass Glass, stone, etc., with the ability to develop new artistic materials and proofing.

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